Refrigerator Repair Service

Refrigerators are an essential component of our daily life. They keep our food safe by suppressing the growth of bacteria. Even though they have a long lifespan of 10 to 15 years, their parts will eventually fail. The evaporator fan motor in your refrigerator can become blocked due to debris, and you'll need to repair it eventually. It's possible that the start capacitor will need to be replaced at some point. So, in Dhaka, how do you get them fixed? Your initial impulse could be to take it to a service center or a repair shop close to your home to have it fixed.

As you know, fitting this into your hectic schedule would be difficult, and you may not be certain of the costs. You may even spend more on a non-genuine component that will not last long. To keep these aggravating issues away, Apnar Shebok supplies you with trained personnel who give fridge repair services in Dhaka at your home whenever convenient.


What’s Excluded?

  • You can buy materials or parts (if needed)
  • Transportation cost for carrying new materials/parts by us (if applicable)
  • brands materials/parts



After service completion, you will receive a text message on your mobile from Apnar Shebok then you have to pay Online. Last, please make sure you have received a text containing the money receipt.


Here are some significant problems of refrigerators


The fridge leaks water: The defrost drain in the refrigerator can become clogged with ice or food particles. Water would gather in the freezer if the drain were stopped, and it would run down to the bottom. Water will then be splattered on the floor. Water is transferred from the coils to the refrigerator's drain pan, where it is evaporated during a defrost cycle. Dripping water might also be caused by a tiny crack in the drain pan. To resolve these concerns, contact a professional who specializes in refrigerator repair.

Compressor Problem:  The compressor is an essential fridge part, which acts as a motor and a pump. It compresses the coolant and manages the refrigeration cycle by circulating it through the evaporator and condenser coils. The fridge may not cool correctly or start if the compressor is unclean or not maintained properly. The interior parts of the compressor must be properly lubricated for it to cool for an extended time.

The coolant needs refilling: The refrigerator's coolant travels through the evaporator coils, cooling the hot air that passes over them. It is the reason why the food in the fridge can stay cold for so long. The refrigerator will be unable to chill efficiently if the coolant level is low, and it may even hiss. Call a professional who provides refrigerator repair services in your home to get the coolant replaced.

Strange Noise from the Fridge: Noise is one of the most prevalent refrigerator issues. Noise can come from various refrigerator parts, so the first step is to figure out where it's coming from. Near the freezer is where the evaporator fan motor is positioned. If you hear loud noises coming from this region, the evaporator fan motor is most likely broken and needs to be replaced. It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to resolve this issue on your own. Make an appointment for a professional refrigerator repair service. Strange noises may also come from the area near the defrost timer. The defrost timer will need to be replaced in this situation.


Why Apnar Shebok For Refrigerator Repair Service?

Verified Experts: All the professionals on the Apnar Shebok portal are taken through screening for verification. They are also given thorough training to ensure that only high-quality work reaches our customers.

Online payment: Apnar Shebok advocates online payment to avoid any chance of fraud and to save any needless inconvenience. Following the service, you will receive a link by SMS. To make a payment, all you have to do is click on the link.

Top Brands Products: We provide washing machine repair services for all categories, whether it's a Myone Refrigerators, Walton Refrigerators, or any other brand, top load or front load.

Warranty of products: All of the goods that our specialists use come with a warranty. You will only receive genuine replacement components, and you can also request that the professionals return your damaged items after they have repaired your refrigerator.