Office Shifting Service

We are the best  Office Shifting Service provider in Bangladesh. We obtain office shifting services for both local and intercity office shifting.

Government Office Shift: We have experienced shifting all types of government, NGO office shifting, government project office, semi-official, state office, etc.

Non-Government office Shifting: We have the most experience in corporate Office, Commercial Office, a private company, industrial Office, Bank, and Insurance Office.

Packing Office shifting service in Dhaka: Office files and letters are carefully packed. Important files may be lost or damaged if not properly packed. If you don't find a file in the shuffle, the organization can suffer a significant setback. Counting with tags should be done after filing files, documents, books, catalogs, brochures, forms, bank, and insurance papers in distinct cartons.

The department's name will be written on the cartoon box, along with the officer's name and a list of contents, and the package must be glued. Going to the new Office will quickly reveal this. It's not difficult to figure out where the box is in the material and what's inside it. After a short period of time, it is possible to return to work in the new Office.


Pickup truck and covered van: To relocate the home office or factory, various sizes of conveyance are required. Without the covered van, there is a risk of destroying goods, especially during the rainy season. It is best to use long-distance and shifts across vast distances or cover vehicles for valuable content.


Cartoon-Box: Our movers have printed boxes with cartoons on them. This is a cartoon box suitable for Mines and Packers. A variety of sizes are available. It's possible to use the size of the content for which it's required. The advantage of using different sizes of boxes is that the size of the items is less likely to be broken. This box is organized into categories for home and office things, making it easy to find. If you write a checkmark or a blank line using a marker or pen, you can find it immediately.

There are special arrangements in place for the glass, glass, and breaking materials. For such items, there are specifically labeled cartoon packaging. As a result, additional caution should be exercised when dealing with breakers. Our boxes are relatively solid and strong, so they will not bake if you stack them one on top of the other. Don't throw anything away. Our cartoons are produced once a month and kept at a specified temperature to ensure that the tempers remain stable.

Labor/manpower: We have our expert manpower. The personnel is in the laboratory of the corporation. The manpower is the same for 8/10 home and office shifts in a single day. Every assignment has a team leader for each team. The Team Leader directs the work of the other movers and packers. Tell the team supervisor if the owner of the office or house relocating authority has anything to say or any instructions. The team supervisor instructs the rest of the Labor to follow suit. They are available for work at any moment of the day or night.



After service completion, you will receive a text message on your mobile from Apnar Shebok then you have to pay Online. Last, please make sure you have received a text containing the money receipt.


Why Apnar Shebok For Office Shifting Services?


Trustworthiness: Each of our service instructors is trustworthy and knowledgeable. You may rely on them to turn their focus to your products. They will take exceptional care of your belongings. We make every effort to ensure that your goods are transported safely. Our movers and packers are reliable personnel that has the confidence, integrity, and clear conscience essential for an office shift.

Security: Shifting necessitates a significant amount of heavy lifting, resulting in an injury if not performed by professionals. Don't put too much pressure on your shoulder, and trust the pros at Pack and Shift to transfer your items safely and securely.

Reasonable prices: We have a clear picture of your financial goals, so we've designed our price structure to avoid interfering with your day-to-day operations. You can easily come up with the funds to pay our fees. At Pack and Shift, we ensure that you will receive the best moving services in Bangladesh at extremely fair and inexpensive prices.

Customer satisfaction: Our goal at pack and shift is to provide 100 percent satisfaction to our customers while also creating good relationships with them. It is for this reason that we recognize the importance of customer satisfaction in our business.