Kitchen hood cleaning service

Grease, moisture, and smoke are all produced when cooking in the kitchen. If you don't clean your kitchen and toss out the garbage regularly, there are food crumbs, food items, and trash in the bin that can attract various pests.

Your kitchen should also be thoroughly cleaned periodically to ensure that every hidden corner is cleaned and sterilized and that it does not serve as a breeding ground for germs. As a result, hiring professionals for kitchen cleaning in Dhaka regularly is recommended.

Everything is properly cleaned, from windows, ventilators, and gas knobs to exhaust fans, kitchen tiles, and switchboards. Oil stains on tiles, appliances, and other surfaces are removed by cleaning professionals. In the kitchen, keep the stainless steel/chrome fittings clean. In addition to cleaning the kitchen cabinets, they scrub and disinfect the flooring.


Benefits of Kitchen hood cleaning service


Improves Working Conditions: Professional kitchen deep cleaning allows you to operate in a healthier environment and improves food hygiene.

Increased Hygiene: Cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria can be avoided with a thorough cleaning. This means that deep cleaning your kitchen will improve the degree of hygiene in your entire kitchen.

Reduces Food Borne Diseases: As part of your food health and safety measures, it's critical to get your kitchen thoroughly cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from infecting your food and equipment.

Keeps Your Environment Healthy: Booking kitchen cleaning services in Dhaka offers many advantages, one of which is that it improves your health. Mold, mildew, and bacteria can grow in the kitchen ductwork due to grease and high moisture levels. Your entire house could become contaminated with disease-causing organisms over time, leaving you and your family more susceptible to illness. As a result, hiring a kitchen cleaning specialist to maintain your kitchen hood and ventilators clean is a good idea.


What We Do:

  • Cleaning Interior and exterior of Hoods properly using hot, high-pressure wash
  • Removing grease from hood and exhaust system
  • Cleaning Exhaust Fans
  • Checking and Repairing fans
  • Cleaning and Checking Exhaust fan blades
  • Checking Electric connections
  • Removing or replacing filters
  • Installation Kitchen Hood



After service completion, you will receive a text message on your mobile from Apnar Shebok then you have to pay Online. Last, please make sure you have received a text containing the money receipt.


Why Apnar Shebok?

Verified Cleaners: Before joining Apnar Shebok, experts are trained and put through a series of quality checks to ensure that the job is of the highest quality.

Complete sanitization: We never compromise your hygiene while providing you with high-quality service, using kitchen cleaning products and professional-grade chemicals.

Flexibility: Apnar Shebok offers a complete kitchen hood cleaning service at your home or business to suit all of your cleaning requirements at your convenience.